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To whom it may concerned:


Our initial intention is to make better entry into the Middle East for Chinese manufacturing, to serve the vast number of high-quality Chinese factories and merchants to open up the Middle East market, to provide more valuable wholesale purchasing information for buyers and wholesalers in the Middle East, to connect buyers and wholesalers in the Middle East with Chinese factories. We are determined to integrate the resources of the international trade and hope to become an excellent industrial internet company.


After we made a statement on the platform on October 5th, 2019, the company's legal representative and only shareholder, Aljobairi Abdulaziz Omar M still give no solution and payment date, and continue to owe employees' salaries and refuse to pay the company's debts. He accuses the core members of stealing the company's domain name without any reason and basis, accuses the YALA operation team of selling the project to other investment companies in Jeddah, accuses the YALA operation team of working for other companies in Jeddah, accuses the Chinese team of having charged factories which already entered the platform and stealing company funds. For these so-called reasons, he refuses to pay the company's debt, staff salaries and other costs. In this regard, we make the following clarifications:


1. www.yalab2b.com is held by Guangzhou Anshi Technology Co., Ltd. because:

A: The platform should be launched in March. After many urging, the owner, Aljobairi Abdulaziz Omar M, still had not arrived in China to complete the company's public account opening. The registration and certification of the domain name could not be completed, so we were unable to carry out follow-up domestic network operation and promotion work.

B: In China, the e-commerce platform must have EDI and ICP, otherwise it is illegal. In order to apply and hold the above two qualifications, the company must meet certain qualifications and conditions. For the purpose of compliance to the law, we temporarily handed over the domain name to Guangzhou Anshi Technology Co., Ltd. in order to ensure the successful completion of the EDI and ICP applications. By the way, Anshi’s legal representative is also an employee of Guangzhou Yala International Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Aljobairi Abdulaziz Omar M said on September 5th that investors doubted about the ownership of the domain name, at that time, the Chinese operation team were still working in the Jeddah. The Chinese operation team repeatedly suggested that the employee (Anshi’s legal representative) could explain these doubts face to face with investors, but was rejected by Aljobairi Abdulaziz Omar M. He asked us to go to the law office to issue documents which prove that the doamin name is held by Guangzhou Yala International Information Technology Co., Ltd and then transfer the ownership. The employee left the work ahead of schedule and took flight back to Guangzhou on September 8th, arrived in Guangzhou on September 9th, provided relevant documents on September 10th, recorded the video which showed Aljobairi Abdulaziz Omar M how to complete the domain ownership transfer on September 11th. We have repeatedly requested Aljobairi Abdulaziz Omar M to complete the domain name transfer, but Aljobairi Abdulaziz Omar M still has not completed the relevant procedures and continues to accuse the company executives of stealing company assets.


2. Is the Chinese operation team involved in the selling of project or working for a third party in Jeddah? No, this is the biggest insult to the Chinese team who were working hard all the time.

When the YALA operation team did their work in Jeddah, they wore uniforms printed with YALA LOGO, the promotional materials are all printed with YALA LOGO. But the boss, Aljobairi Abdulaziz Omar M, accused YALA operation team of looking for opportunities to sell the project to other companies and investors just because the operation team mentioned yalab2b (the project) instead of Guangzhou Yala International Information Technology Co., Ltd (the company) when introducing the platform with the customers. That's ridiculous, which company doesn't introduce their projects or products when promoting? We can't bear this unfounded suspicion and accusation.


3. Does the Chinese team charge Chinese manufacturers for entering the platform? If we do, then we should now be locked up in the prison for fraud.

We have not charged Chinese manufacturers for entering the platform with initial intention of being responsible for both customers and factories. The platform is free to use from beginning (March) to end (September). Before the first version of the platform was launched, Aljobairi Abdulaziz Omar M assured the Chinese team that he had sufficient funds to support oversea promotion. He said that Chinese team should focus on letting the manufacturers enter the platform more, and no need to worry about oversea buyers because he will do that job. But he never do what he says.

We asked why there were so few oversea users for many times, but Aljobairi Abdulaziz Omar M always found various reasons, including the qualifications of the settled merchants was not up to standard, insufficient goods, the decoration of the store was not beautiful, and so on. We work hard and strive to make the platform operate smoothly. In order to cooperate with oversea promotion to increase buyers, we constantly increase the requirements and standards for the settled merchants. After we did all, we still could not see significant growth of oversea users. The fact is, that he has not fulfilled his promises. The press conference that should be held in May but was repeatedly canceled for various reasons. There is no marketing team in Jeddah. There is nearly no overseas network promotion. Except for the promotion of the Chinese operation team, there is no promotion in any form.

The Chinese operation team sent the promotion plan to Aljobairi Abdulaziz Omar M one week before they flew to Jeddah, including the required materials and manpower support. During the period that the Chinese operation team doing promotion work in Jeddah, no local marketing team members appeared, no flyer printed. All materials are brought by the Chinese operation team from China to Jeddah. The Chinese team also submitted the marketing plan to ljobairi Abdulaziz Omar M when they were in Jeddah, but did not receive any response.

How can such a market operation could increase buyers? How can we charge the manufacturers if we are unable to provide trading opportunities? However, Aljobairi Abdulaziz Omar M has been putting pressure on the Chinese team for charging the manufacturers, but we don't want to violate our initial intentions, so we do not charged any fees.


4. Aljobairi Abdulaziz Omar M uses a garbled chat screenshot to blame the Chinese team for stealing company funds, attempting to shirk responsibility, and refusing to pay employee salaries and corporate debt. We have handed all chat records, fund records, and all bank flows to the lawyers as evidence, retaining all rights to pursue.


As the saying goes, wash your dirty linen in public. We don't want to make this thing public, but Aljobairi Abdulaziz Omar M is still delaying his payment and give no payment date. For our legitimate, reasonable, and legitimate rights, we are forced to do it. Aljobairi Abdulaziz Omar M does not respect our work. We used to trust him, but now, we are disappointed.We urge Aljobairi Abdulaziz Omar M again, please pay the unpaid wages of employees and pay all debts of the company by October 15th. Otherwise, we will at all costs, safeguard our legitimate rights and interests.




YALA Chinese Team




To whom it may concerned:


Since mid-september 2019, Yalab2b.com has been unable to log in normally, which has delayed the work of the factories settled on the platform. We are very sorry for this! Due to various reasons, we failed to make an announcement and explanation at once. We hereby apologize to YALA users and the public again!


The project, Yalab2b.com was initiated by Guangzhou Yala International Information and Technology Co., LTD in September 2018, with Saudi Arabian legal representative Aljobairi and Abdulaziz Omar M as the sole shareholder of the company. The Chinese start-up team and other employees have no share. As of September 2019, the company was forced to close down and dissolve due to unilateral reasons of legal representative and shareholder.


Since June, the company's legal person and sole shareholder, Aljobairi and Abdulaziz Omar M, have defaulted on the wages and expenses of the company's employees. Our daily life has been in heavy debt and we cannot sustain ourselves. Under the circumstances of helplessness and reluctance, yalab2b.com stopped operating due to the capital fracture.


From the establishment of the project, the initial capital is 0. All the expenses and salaries of the company were paid separately by Aljobairi and Abdulaziz Omar M every month. After June, the boss, Aljobairi, Abdulaziz Omar, has used the closure of his account in Saudi as an excuse to deceive company executives(we never saw him provide substantial evidence that the bank account was blocked and closed). Also, he cheated the company’s senior managers by telling them that the problem would be solved in two or three months. He reject the suggestion made by the company's executives about closing the company, and asked them to negotiate with employees for delaying salaries payment. In September, the boss, Aljobairi, Abdulaziz Omar M, dragged his hands again. After many negotiations to agree on the dates of the payment of wages and company’s spending, still found all kinds of reasons to continue to default. Till October 2019, the boss still claimed that the account was blocked, but all colleagues working in Jeddah Saudi Arabia are working and living normally without any influence.


By October 4, 2019, citing various reasons including that the platform domain name was not owned by Guangzhou Yala International Information and Technology Co., LTD, the boss Aljobairi and Abdulaziz Omar M refused to pay the expenses (including office expenses, administrative expenses and reimbursement) that had been overdue for more than three months to the Chinese company, including the salaries of the Chinese R&D team and operation team.

In fact, because Guangzhou Yala International Information and Technology Co., LTD is a wholly foreign-owned company, if it holds the domain name of the e-commerce platform in China, it will not be able to apply for ICP and EDI, and the platform will not be able to operate legally. The platform must been launched in March 2019. After we urged for many times, the boss Aljobairi and Abdulaziz Omar M still didn’t come to China for finishing the opening the company's public account in China. Therefore, the registration and certification of domain names could not be completed, which made the platform unable to carry out follow-up domestic network operation and promotion. So, the Chinese team adopted the solution of assigning domain names to other domestic companies. The current boss, Aljobairi, Abdulaziz Omar, has tried to use domain names as an excuse not to pay. In fact, in September 2019, we made it clear to our boss, Aljobairi Abdulaziz Omar M, that if we forcibly transfer the domain name to Guangzhou Yala International Information and Technology Co., LTD , a foreign-funded enterprise, the platform will face illegal operation problem and must be closed down.After repeated confirmation from Aljobairi Abdulaziz Omar M , we have follow the boss Aljobairi Abdulaziz Omar M's willing and get all transfer formalities ready, but the boss Aljobairi Abdulaziz Omar M halfway back again, don't want to a shift in real-name authentication for transfering the domain, and continue to refused to pay default payments with excuse of the domain name is not in his company.


In addition, during the operation of the this project, the boss Aljobairi and Abdulaziz Omar M did not fulfill their original promise and did no marketing or any form of publicity in the Middle East, but kept asking the Chinese team to charge for the factories that have entered the platform in China (the Chinese team has repeatedly refused).


We [the Chinese team] loved this project, worked around the clock, worked hard for a year, and were very reluctant to tear the internal scars in public. But in order to protect our legitimate, reasonable and legitimate rights and interests, we hereby urge Aljobairi, Abdulaziz Omar M, please pay the unpaid wages of employees and pay all debts of the company by October 15! Otherwise we will at all costs, safeguard our legitimate rights and interests!




YALA Chinese Team


First published 2019/10/05

Last edited 2019/10/11